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Artista BAG desde 2022
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Artista BAG desde 2022


Daniel Puerta | " El Cari ". I'm a designer, illustrator and plastic artist with a long career in art, recognized for a modern style like PopArt, cartoon and comics. I have worked for advertising agencies and important brands such as Red Bull, Bancolombia, Epm, Ecopetrol, Government of Antioquia and many more from art, illustration and design. 2 years ago I won a competition that led me to live in New York where I settled for a while. I currently have my own studio in Colombia where I work... Ver más


Conóceme más, explora parte de mi mundo.

Mundos blandos

Sin líneas rectas ni ángulos de noventa grados, paisajes comestibles, seres imaginarios y no tanto. Un recorrido por mundos siempre posibles. Diseño de portada por @juanrlag

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